Apply for Miss Zebulon’s Outstanding Teen 2022

Step 1:

Each Candidate will register using the following link:

Click Here

Step 2:

After a Candidate pays the $35 registration fee, the Candidate receives a receipt and the State ED receives an email with the interested Candidate’s name and contact information

Step 3:

The State ED sends a follow up email to the containing a welcome letter
  1. A welcome letter with next steps:
    MAOTeen Letter
  2. Local Competition Registration Link
    Candidate Local Competition Registration Link
  3. However, if the Candidate is unsure of which local competition to enter, the State Director will forward the “Welcome Letter” along with a list of our state’s local competitions.

Step 4:

The Candidate fills out the local registration (Teens please use discount code: TEENLOCAL)

The Candidate will receive a receipt and the State Executive Director will receive an email confirmation that the candidate has paid to compete in the Local Competition.

At this point, State Executive Director for Teen will then email the Teen candidate and copy the local Executive Director and their Field Director for which the local the candidate has registered to compete and will include Miss America Fundraising signup links in the follow-up email

MAO Teen Candidate Profile Setup  Click Here

Step 5:

The Candidate will then receive the Miss America Organization State & Local Candidate Agreement from the Local Director.

2022 Miss America State and Local Candidate Application and Agreement

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